Raðnúmer: #435678

Verð: 4.900.000 kr.-

Einn sá flottasti -

Árgerð 1979 ( skráður 1/1979 ) Akstur 39.000 km
Slagrými 4948 cc. Strokkar Óþekkt
Eldsneyti Bensín Skipting Sjálfskiptur
Drifbúnaður Framhjóladrif Litur Brúnn
Hestöfl 184 hö. Þyngd 1650 kg.
Dyrafjöldi 0 dyra Næsta skoðun 2020
Stærð 2 manna Dekkjastærð Óþekkt
Skráð á söluskrá: 04.12.2019 - Síðast breytt: 04.12.2019
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American author F.Scott Fitzgerald captured the feel of the era with his book The Great Gatsby, set in 1922. The name of his principal character, Gatsby, became a symbol of a time when Prohibition spawned instant millionaires. As the newly-rich are prone to do, they spent a lot of that cash on consumer items, and especially cars. Gatsby Roadster This Gatsby is No. ? of 500 Factory built cars by its designer, Sky Clausen, in San Jose, California, starting in 1979. First impression is of size. This is a huge car, getting on for 20 feet long and wide with it. Second impression is the appearance a stunning looking and preforming Roadster. The body is jet black and the guards a very dark maroon. There's lashings of chrome, particularly the Duesenberg-style exhausts protruding from the bonnet and continuing under the running boards, and the spoked wheels (including two side-mounted spares) have white walls. The Gatsby cabriolet is hand-crafted in steel, with fibreglass guards, and each car took 10 months to build. Gatsby Coachworks produced 50 turn-key models a year, This model is powered by a 5-litre Ford V8 for reliability and features such refinements as automatic transmission, power brakes and steering, air conditioning and am/fm ,CD radio (complete with Gatsby era music). Easily-adjusted air shocks allow the driver to choose the most comfortable ride height. Inside there's a huge wooden console and a couple of comfortable leather seats. Polished brass abounds. The big engine fires up easily and has an appealing rumble. . Their were many copies made such as the Excaliburs, Clenet, Sparten, and Zimmers of this car but non have the refined looks of the Original Gatsby Roadster .

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